Writer’s Block

When I decided to write on this topic, I just sat at my computer screen and stared. This is such an intellectually stimulating concept, don’t you think? There is a lot to say but no words to say it with. So what is there to say, I mean really? Who would dare write about such things as writer’s block?

It happens to the best of us. But to write about writer’s block, what a fascinating thing to do. After all, while thinking about writing, there may never be a single word, at least for a little while. Heaven forbid if it lasted forever! Can you imagine not taking time out of your “busy” schedule to eat or drink? It’s writer’s block after all. Hmm… I wonder how long I can make this blog entry. It’s nonsense I tell you. If you’ve read this far, do you realize you’ve just wasted almost a minute of your life that could have, otherwise, been used to do some actual writing? But then again, this is writer’s block. It’s about nothing at all.

Seriously folks, writer’s block is no laughing matter. I’ve been struggling with it for the last few days and thought, what fun! Why not play with a few words? :)

About Mindy Ogg

Mindy is a writer, a science enthusiast, and an advocate for unity and peace. The direction of her blog is to acknowledge our chaotic world while discovering other ways of looking at things in a different light. "Life's problems can be like questions. Once resolved, we can learn from them. They can open our worlds." ~Mindy Ogg
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2 Responses to Writer’s Block

  1. kateturville says:

    Did I waste a minute though? Because if I hadn’t read it, I wouldn’t have become interested in your blog. :)

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  2. Mindy Ogg says:

    Thanks for that!


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