Questions on Existence

Edited April 13, 2015

Why exist? Why this? Life is short and I have to ask why. Why? Little children are always asking this one little 3-letter-word question about anything and everything. Life is such a mystery! I’ve often thought that there is more to reality than meets the eye. Right now. With that said, I dream about what might be beyond that curtain. What’s on the other side? Is there something there? Is there something beyond my senses and beyond my time? The inconceivable, at least for today.

This world is full of clues. As a child sees, I look on with curiosity and wonder. A quote I read recently says it isn’t that scientists find the right answers, it’s that they ask the right questions. So Children are born scientists. They question everything. They explore, and they experiment. So yes, they are scientists. What is reality?

Perception. There is no beginning or ending as a small child. At least that is how I remember it. How could I think, at the age of 5, that I’d been alive forever? I remember when I was 5; it was inconceivable, the idea of not existing. I was curious. Why am I here? Where did I come from? What is this place? The not knowing stimulates the imagination.

I lost my way but now I’m back. I’m curious like I was when I was 5. The possibilities. I want to know. It’s not enough for me to resolve these questions through faith alone. It’s no resolution at all. Faith robs us of truly understanding reality. The problems of today are tomorrow’s answers.

Curiosity. I hope to never stop questioning.

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious – the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.” ~Albert Einstein


About Mindy Ogg

Mindy is a writer, a science enthusiast, and an advocate for unity and peace. The direction of her blog is to acknowledge our chaotic world while discovering other ways of looking at things in a different light. "Life's problems can be like questions. Once resolved, we can learn from them. They can open our worlds." ~Mindy Ogg
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