Quote: Perception or Reality?


We’ve all heard this one before. I believe it depends on what you started out with. When you received the glass, was it full? Then you drank half if it’s half-empty. Also consider that you might have started out with a beverage that came up to the middle of the glass. Is that not half-full?

If you have a glass that is half-empty, then you’ve had plenty to drink! Yet if it is only half-full, then you have less, don’t you? In comparison, then yes. But if you’re used to doing without, then I suppose the glass can be considered half-full. Hmm…

So is it a matter of perception or reality? What do you think?

About Mindy Ogg

Mindy is a writer, a science enthusiast, and an advocate for unity and peace. The direction of her blog is to acknowledge our chaotic world while discovering other ways of looking at things in a different light. "Life's problems can be like questions. Once resolved, we can learn from them. They can open our worlds." ~Mindy Ogg
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