Poetry: 9/11 Never Forget — Fifteen Years Later

024_FromJersey_ImagebyDboxCurrent Manhattan Skyline
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Edited and reposted from September 11, 2015.

Fifteen years ago our world changed. Every anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, we remember. People everywhere say, let’s always remember and never forget. I will never forget that day. I remember where I was, what I was doing, and the deep trauma I felt after having watched it all unfold on TV. Never forget? Why not look at things differently instead of focusing on tragedy and loss? Why center on planes and buildings, and on death?

I’d like to share how I coped when my parents died in recent years. There’s always the good stuff left behind that we never lose, things that should never be forgotten. It’s where our hearts are.

Never Forget

Let’s never forget what happened that day
yet dwell not we shall do;
the pain, the void, the emptiness
let’s fill with hope anew.
They were here one day and gone the next
it all just happened so fast;
those we cherished, fond memories we hold
great moments forever that last.
They left their footprints in the sand
we had them for a time;
all is not lost, the gifts we have
of what they left behind.
Let’s never forget what happened that day
yet dwell not we shall do;
we’ll remember before, things as they were
the rest we bid adieu.

©️ Mindy Ogg

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Check out the renewed World Trade Center and see how lower Manhattan has evolved over the years.

About Mindy Ogg

Mindy is a writer, a science enthusiast, and an advocate for unity and peace. The direction of her blog is to acknowledge our chaotic world while discovering other ways of looking at things in a different light. "Life's problems can be like questions. Once resolved, we can learn from them. They can open our worlds." ~Mindy Ogg
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