Free Speech Responsibly

Ever since November 8th of 2016, I have literally been in mourning over the loss of my country. It’s been rather traumatic. Hasn’t it been for many of you as well? For me, it’s not a liberal vs conservative thing. I just smell danger, and that scent is stronger than ever now. I’m at the point where I really need to speak out about what has been on my mind.

Free speech is a wonderful thing. But, just my opinion, many here in these United States of America have lost the ability to speak, lead, and behave responsibly. Do unto others as they do unto us? Or, do unto others as they might do unto us? Political Opposition Research? Really? If I went to a job interview and provided opposition research about the other candidates they were interviewing, do you think I would get the job? Of course not. Regardless, shouldn’t politicians be chosen on merit? Shouldn’t anybody? How do they feel about themselves after digging up the dirt? I would feel like total crap.

Don’t we all have the responsibility to lead by example, not just for our own self-respect but for future generations? Isn’t it important to respect the personal boundaries of others and treat people with honor and dignity? How do we want our children to behave and treat others? What kind of people do we want to be? How will we see ourselves as a people in 10 years? in a hundred?

Let’s talk about Hollywood. I am really sorry to say anything against those I have great respect for, but it’s been on my mind for a long time. First, I want to say there are many, many talented folks in Hollywood I love and admire. Before the year 2000, I wasn’t in the habit of watching violent entertainment. After surgery in December of 2000, I rented a bunch of videos from Blockbuster while my body healed. I watched “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger. It was traumatizing*. I couldn’t watch the Gladiator because of the violence. The first time I watched an episode of Law and Order SVU, I was left feeling quite disturbed with what I had just seen*.

Later on I discovered Criminal Minds. Loved the cast! Great actors. Mandy Patinkin is just great. Loved Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson as well as all the others. Great people! It was appealing to watch the developing relationships between them. I just love them. However, …

Excuse me but I need a moment………

However, I found Criminal Minds to be profoundly disturbing. I would have constant frightening nightmares for months and months, but I ignored those nightmares*. I just kept watching because these characters clicked and I was hooked. After a while I became desensitized by the violence Hollywood was producing in their entertainment.

Okay so now I am desensitized by violence in Hollywood, and I alone am responsible for that. I know myself well, and I know that I’m of no danger to others. But there are those people out there who can be or have been influenced by such entertainment to the point of taking dangerous action.

So sex and violence is entertainment? Why give us what you think we want? Where are the sociologists? There’s more to life than millionaire-producing blockbusters.

I apologize, Hollywood. Truly. It is just that I saw an article in The Washington Post yesterday about how the first Hollywood blockbuster revived the KKK.

“Decades before Charlottesville, the Ku Klux Klan was dead. The first Hollywood blockbuster revived it.”

The article says it all. We can be better than this!

*It’s only fair to disclose that I have the diagnosis of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

About Mindy Ogg

Mindy is a writer, amateur scientist, & an advocate for peace & equality. The direction of her blog is to acknowledge our chaotic world while discovering other ways of looking at things in a different light. "Life's problems can be like questions. Once resolved, we can learn from them. They can open our worlds." ~Mindy Ogg
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