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“Think Different” ~Apple

We all have our own curiosities and thoughts about things which works for us. In the early years, we never talked about this “stuff” in school. I got the idea that “it” was a personal thing. But I do appreciate and … Continue reading

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Just My Opinion: The People will Win!

Hello, World! To all who reside outside of our country, the United States of America, our current federal government does NOT accurately represent the majority of The People. We are all good people. We’re made up of the same really … Continue reading

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today brings great meaning to me, to hear the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. I celebrate his birth and his life today, as I’m sure you do, too. Imagine what more he could have accomplished had his life not … Continue reading

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Changes to Come

There are at least two ideas I am pursuing. One is Worldly Thinkers with the hashtag #WorldThink, and the other is Dignify Choice with the hashtag #DignifyChoice. It’s all about worldly issues, the good and the not so good. This … Continue reading

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Can you feel the love?

Politics just isn’t my thing, at all. But I’ve got to tell ya, this year’s presidential election is frightening — to say it mildly. Voter fraud? Revolution? Hitler? Russian hacking? Sexual misconduct? Espionage? WWIII? It’s never-ending! It’s scary stuff! Can … Continue reading

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Poetry: 9/11 Never Forget — Fifteen Years Later

Current Manhattan Skyline © Silverstein Properties, Inc., All Rights Reserved Edited and reposted from September 11, 2015. Fifteen years ago our world changed. Every anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, we remember. People everywhere say, let’s always remember and … Continue reading

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Quote: Perception or Reality?

We’ve all heard this one before. I believe it depends on what you started out with. When you received the glass, was it full? Then you drank half if it’s half-empty. Also consider that you might have started out with … Continue reading

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Writing Reasons (Updated)

Updated 4:05 PM. I’ve been exploring my thoughts on the priorities of my writings, the reasons why I write, and the purpose they serve. So I’ve been thinking. What will my first published work be? How about a hit novel … Continue reading

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