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Free Speech Responsibly

Ever since November 8th of 2016, I have literally been in mourning over the loss of my country. It’s been rather traumatic. Hasn’t it been for many of you as well? For me, it’s not a liberal vs conservative thing. … Continue reading

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Education: Where Success Begins, Or Not (Revised)

Revised 8 AM. I’ve been listening to elementary school teachers say, that no matter how much time they put into their work as teachers, it isn’t enough. From the very beginning, in Kindergarten, there are many troubled kids out there … Continue reading

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Writing Reasons (Updated)

Updated 4:05 PM. I’ve been exploring my thoughts on the priorities of my writings, the reasons why I write, and the purpose they serve. So I’ve been thinking. What will my first published work be? How about a hit novel … Continue reading

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Protected: Medical Pro’s Stigma

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The Shrinking World

Edited May 9, 2016 Is social media shrinking the world as we know it? Out here in cyberspace, we see well-known names who have a great impact on world issues. There are highly influential people in positions to change the … Continue reading

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Quote: “Life’s a Story” ~Mindy Ogg

“Life’s a story over many a millennia. We are but a blink of an eye, with a start & a finish, in a place without end.” ~Mindy Ogg

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Kindness #1000Speak for Compassion

Compassion means many things to many people. But for me, these three concepts can be world changing: kindness, understanding, and respect. There’s so much in the world that divides us, with the many political and religious ideologies that can and … Continue reading

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Albert Einstein: To Understand

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” ~Albert Einstein  

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